Welcome to DJ'$ Fund Raising

DJ'$ Fundraising has been creating delicious ways for your local educational groups to raise needed funds since 1978. Our commitment to quality is the highest in our industry. These standards are maintained to produce only the best products, packaged with attention to detail, freshness, and easy to use. We want your experience with our products to be unequaled! From the time you make the purchase to enjoying our delicious foods, we know
you'll be a satisfied customer!

We deliver our own products using our own trucks which lowers the cost to you! We also maintain our own cold storage/distribution center in Clayton, Oklahoma which is located in the scenic mountains of Southeastern Oklahoma. Having these facilities allows our company to: facilitate a delivery that is convenient for our customers, ship extra product on all trucks, and provide a personal inspection of your order by our employees.

We will provide our excellent foods to any group, club, or organization interested in fundraising!

Give us a call to see how we can help your group: 800-634-5934.

Reciepies & Nutritional Information